Full Moon April 7th 10:35pm

April is the month of the pink moon. Pink symbolizing the color of the first flowers to bloom. The pink moon is also the supermoon of the year. With the moon being closest to the earth. Making it the biggest full moon of the year. Now with the full moon bringing such powerful energy what can we do? There are a few things you can do!

  • Charge your crystals
    • This is a great time to rinse off any crystals you have, cleansing off any bad energies. Then set them out at night to be charged in the moonlight. 
  • Make moon water 
    • To make moon water you need a glass jar or bowl (no plastic!)
    • Fill the jar with water (If you want to drink it use bottled water)
    • Place the jar where the moon light can shine down on it. 
    • Remove at dawn
    • Store at a dark place or in the fridge
    • Use soon! 
  • Journal what you want to manifest
    • Full moon energy brings rebirth and renewal. This is a good time to sit and write down about what goals you want to externalize.
  • Visualize what you want for your future
    • Take time to wind down 
    • Focus on what you want for your future
    • Visualizing your future as a detailed as you can be 

Best wishes on during your Full Moon night!